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When you join byFAITH Bling T-Shirt Club, you will receive a premium quality unisex inspirational shirt decorated with rhinestones delivered to you monthly. A unique way to sparkle and shine while encouraging others that by Faith all things are possible.  Pictured is November's byFaith shirt of the month.  It is a multi-colored design with a heart inside of an anchor.  It goes well with the ocean colored long sleeve shirt with reference to Psalms 73:26.  God is our anchor.  Our heart and other things may fail, but God is there for us despite it all.


Unisex Size

Bust/Width measures across the bust 1” below the armhole, seam to seam. 

XS (17")

S (18 1/2")

M (20")

L (22")

XL (24")

2XL (26")

3XL (28")

How does the byFaith Bling T-Shirt Club work?  Your first monthly payment will be at the time you start your subscription.  Your card will automatically be charged on the 3rd of each month.  Shirts will start shipping within 5 days of the charge.


What shirt will I get?  If you start your subscription by the 20th of the month you will receive the current month t-shirt.  Example:  you started your subscription on November 15, you will receive November's shirt.  You started your subscription on November 25, you will receive December's shirt.

byFaith Bling T-Shirt Club

Price Options
One-time purchase
byFaith T-Shirt Club
Subscribe & Save $5
$30.00every month until canceled
  • No returns allowed.  Shirts are made for the t-shirt club.

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